Anti-terrorist security

Anti-terrorist security means the security of a personality, society and the state from terrorist acts, representing one of the most important and essential elements of security for any facility, especially for crowded public areas.

Bricks IT offers its customers tried and tested solutions fully consistent with both statutory requirements and contemporary challenges of terrorist threat.

Bricks IT uses the following subsystems in its solutions:
- introscopes (X-ray television devices);
- metal detectors;
- explosive and poisonous agent vapor detectors;
- radiation control equipment;
- equipment for identification of dangerous chemical and biological agents.

Bricks IT is an expert organization, incumbent member of the Transport Security Association set up with the help of federal executive authorities and bringing together leading Russian experts, developers, manufacturers of anti-terrorist security and transport security systems and tools. This enables Bricks IT to promptly respond to contemporary threats as it develops its solutions.

Bricks IT has an extensive experience of implementing projects to ensure security of transport infrastructure facilities; therefore, working with Bricks IT, you get an optimal solution to build a security system for your facilities and vehicles and comply with laws.