Engineering Systems

While erecting any modern building, one should first of all take care of all utility lines that ensure productive work and comfort inside the rooms. Bricks IT designs and supplies equipment, installs, commissions and starts up indoor utility systems and internal networks. Having an extensive experience in implementing complex projects in building utility systems for buildings and structures, we guarantee a high level of quality subject to facility completion deadlines.

Structured Cabling Systems

Structured cabling system (SCS) ensures the functioning of the entire IT infrastructure of the facility.

Bricks IT carries out the design of structured cable networks, combining:
- internal computer and telephone networks;
- technological equipment;
- video communication systems;
- security and industrial television.

Designing is carried out with a margin of the number of connections. This allows you to provide a reserve for throughput, durability and stability of the SCS as a whole.

The structured cabling system from Bricks IT meets the following requirements:
- high reliability;
- the ability to build and make changes during operation;
- independence from changing information platforms;
- the ability to create independent sites in a single network.

Physical and fire safety systems

To monitor the current situation, to warn of danger and take necessary and effective measures in case of accidents and fires, as well as to control access to buildings and premises, Bricks IT designs and creates integrated security systems, including using innovative solutions and domestic developments .

HVAC systems

To create a comfortable environment, Bricks IT offers centralized and area air conditioning systems based on modern equipment from leading manufacturers. Bricks IT integrates them into a single ventilation and heating system of a modern building, providing year-round comfortable climatic conditions and energy savings.

Power and Lighting Systems

Bricks IT specialists design and implement guaranteed power supply systems that ensure the operation of the equipment and the continuity of work processes in case of emergency.

An integral part of the implementation of tasks for the integrated power supply of buildings is the design and integration of lighting systems.

The design of the lighting system and uninterrupted power supply is carried out taking into account state norms and standards, provides for optimal both outdoor and indoor lighting. Reducing financial operating costs is achieved through the use of innovative energy-efficient solutions.

Automated building and process control systems

Bricks IT performs the design, installation and commissioning of automated control systems (ACS) engineering systems. Automated control systems allow for round-the-clock monitoring of equipment, timely response to emergency situations, reduce costs on the main cost items and improve the quality of plant operation.

Data Center Engineering Systems

Datacenter - a single fault-tolerant multi-component system to ensure uninterrupted automated work of business processes. Since the main task of the data center is to store data and provide access to it in real time, when designing the infrastructure, it is necessary to ensure both high throughput and reliability of communication channels, functionality, flexibility of the platform.

The critical requirements for information equipment of the data center fully apply to engineering systems.

When designing data centers, Bricks IT specialists provide for the fulfillment of all requirements.

Bricks IT has successful experience in designing data centers that are in demand by companies with high requirements for reliable, uninterrupted and confidential work of information systems.

Safe City Systems

The modern city is a complex multi-level structure. It consists of many subsystems - transport, telecommunications, electricity and water supply systems, as well as many others that function and interact with each other. To monitor the operation of all city systems, ensure the safety of each resident and all vulnerable points of the city infrastructure, to receive and archive information about all important events, to quickly provide this information to all interested services, Bricks IT designs and creates "Safe City" systems.