Information Security Systems

IT systems as important to an enterprise as their security. If physical security systems, as their name suggests, ensure protection from physical threats, including IT resources, the information security system (IS) is designed to protect IT systems from logical level threats such as network attacks, unauthorized access to data, malicious software, capture of data transmitted over networks, etc.

Using their own experience in constructing and maintaining IS systems and relying on the experience of leading international organizations, Bricks IT specialists offer a full range of measures to ensure IS, comprising:
- Threat and risk assessment;
- Developing a set of organizational measures;
- Introducing a set of technical facilities comprising:
   - IT systems perimeter protection:
      - firewalling;
      - network attack prevention;
      - protection from distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS)
   - Secure remote access to information resources;
   - Secure information portal;
   - Secure automation systems;
   - Insider protection;
   - Malicious code protection;
   - Content filtering;
   - Channel protection (VPN);
   - Information resources vulnerability analysis;
   - Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Certification Authorities (CA)

Bricks IT has forged partnerships with the following IS protection solution providers: Cisco Systems, FortiNet, Juniper Networks, Huawei Technologies, Entensys, MFI Soft and other.

  • Fortinet
  • Cisco
  • Entensys
  • Huawei
  • Juniper networks
  • МФИ Софт