Equipment Maintenance and Repair Services

Bricks IT provides maintenance services for the following IT systems:
- Data communications networks
- Servers, workstations and data storage systems
- Office equipment
- Telephony
- Videoconferencing
- Wireless networks
- Uninterruptible power systems
- Information security
- Utility systems.

Description of service programs

Services as part of service programs Description of services Basic Silver Gold Platinum
1 Round-the-clock access to the “hot line” Applications are accepted around the clock, including holidays and weekends: by mail, phone, in an automated application reception system. The selection of key experts occurs within 1 minute, even at night.
2 Troubleshooting Identification of the cause of the malfunction occurs, as a rule, remotely and takes no more than 15 minutes from the receipt of the application.
3 Software Disaster Recovery Reinstalling the software and making all the settings to fully restore the hardware. Not more than 20 minutes from the receipt of the application.
4 Repair or replacement of equipment Equipment repair is carried out in the Bricks IT service center or at the place of equipment operation in the shortest possible time. Optionally, you can choose any mode for replacing faulty equipment: the next day, 4 hours during business hours or 4 hours around the clock, including holidays and weekends.
5 Hardware and software consultations Any advice on the equipment serviced: the current system setup, new equipment features, the advisability of installing a new software version, the ability to integrate new equipment into your IT system, etc.
6 Software upgrade Installation of new software versions of the serviced equipment at your request or in case of insufficient functionality of the installed software.
7 Access to manufacturers online resources Access of the Customer’s specialists to the manufacturers knowledge bases for self-updating software and eliminating known malfunctions.
8 Dedicated Service Engineer All applications are coordinated by a dedicated service engineer. This provides a quick and effective solution to complex challenges.
9 Daily Progress Reporting Every day you will know about the progress and results of the decision of applications. A monthly summary report for the required period is provided monthly or upon request.
10 Scheduled meetings to resolve any technical issues At your request, Bricks IT specialists will provide training for the Customer’s IT specialists on how to operate and configure the equipment, advise on IT infrastructure changes, and answer all the accumulated questions of IT specialists.
11 Development of a customer training program Recommendations of training courses and training centers necessary for IT specialists to independently maintain the operability and basic setup of equipment.
12 Testing solutions in the "Outsourcing 24" laboratory Before installing new software and hardware, adding new features to critical systems, Bricks IT tests them in an IT lab. Also, as part of a proactive service, modeling of complex or problematic situations is carried out.
13 Annual IT System Audit An audit of an IT system allows you to identify trends in the development of the loads of your system, existing and predicted bottlenecks, the degree of their impact on the functioning of the IT system. Based on the results, recommendations are provided on the technologies, equipment and its settings used, a set of measures is being taken to prevent crisis situations in the IT system.
14 Proactive monitoring and accident prevention Round-the-clock monitoring of IT system bottlenecks and taking measures to eliminate them are important elements of proactive measures to prevent accidents and failures.
15 Development of technical solutions for the development of IT systems The growth of the company, the change in the structure of the branch network, the emergence of new business tasks require the appropriate development of the IT system. Bricks IT will prepare a list of requirements for your system, select equipment and software, and take into account the features of its integration into the existing IT infrastructure.

Download a description of maintenance programs (pdf, 295 kb)

Working with Bricks IT, our customers get the following benefits:

- Quick response
- Competitive prices
- High quality of IT systems’ maintenance
- The range of services offered could be dynamically changed
- Ongoing business processes. - Replacement equipment is provided during repair